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★☆★☆★2023 The 8th World Cup Tai Chi Chuan Championship 2023年第八屆世界盃太極拳錦標賽 ★☆★☆★

Title : The 8th World Cup Championship (24th-25th,October,2020 ) Updated on : 2020-03-26 download
Contents :
The 8th World Cup Championship will be held in Taipei Arena, Taiwan on 24th-25th of October 2020 along with the 9th International Judge Seminar (on 21st-23rd of October). Please click download to find the regulation. The plan of the 9th International Judge Seminar will be announce after.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading around the world now. Association might be cancel the championship if the epidemic situation has not slowed down before the championship. Please note the announcement on the website. We wish all Tai Chi Chuan friends a safe and healthy life.

Please click download to see the detail.
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